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What is a Glowforge?

If you’ve been around the crafting world, you’ve probably heard the word Glowforge mentioned and maybe even seen some of the amazing projects that come out of it!

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friendchip valentine DIY free printable

Friend-Chip DIY Valentine

I have always loved giving handmade anything, and valentines are no exception. Check out these pencil valentines or golden snitch valentines. Over the years, I’ve had less time to

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zoo&roo 2021 year in review

Goodbye 2021, Hello better days

It’s been over a year since I wrote a blog post, and I suppose that’s because life has been hard and I have been short on creativity and time, or maybe it’s because I just want to ignore what’s really happening in the world, but I’m going to sit down and force myself to remember all the good and the bad.

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2020 being washed away

“Celebrating” 2020

What. A. Year. Talk about a roller coaster. For me, the year actually started out on a high. I spent my February birthday in Bora Bora! We stayed

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miximals game and free printable
Free Printable


After watching Ben Clanton’s amazing live video where he talked and doodled with the kids, my two boys are obsessed with creating Miximals! I have made it easier

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halloween earrings

Eerie Earrings for Halloween

Even though stores are now putting Christmas decor out with Halloween, October is one of the most fun months of the year and cannot be ignored! Don’t let

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