• New blog post with a free printable and SVG file to make class valentines! Visit zooandroo.com - Personalized pencils also now available on my website! #zooandroo #craftyblogger #personalizedpencils #classvalentines #glowforge #diyvalentines
  • Hmmm... what am I making? 🤔 #zooandroo #acrylichearts #valentines_day
  • What a day! Three hockey games and three wins! 8U Allstars won 4-1 with Ryan in goal! Zach’s team 10U Tropical Storms had an impressive 9-0 shutout! And our @canes won 2-1 in a 3-2 shootout with Justin Williams scoring the winning goal in his first game back! Amazing hockey day! 🏒❤️ #hockeyfamiliesneverrest 🤣 #letsgocanes
  • New rose earrings just in time for Valentines Day, because acrylic or wood flowers last forever! 🌹 These handmade, laser cut beauties now available on my website zooandroo.com #roseearrings #handmadejewelry #acrylicearrings #woodearrings #zooandroo #glowforge
  • Crafty mom for the win! My kids have been out of school since before Christmas and don’t go back until 1/27 😱 (year round school). They’ve said they’re bored a million times and I’m a stickler with technology limits. After getting frustrated with a tricky puzzle, my ROO said “I want to make my own puzzle.” I shrugged and said OK! His eyes lit up with excitement when I handed him a piece of cardboard and said to decorate it however he wanted! 🤣 I then worked my magic and cut it into pieces in my #glowforge - I can see so many possibilities with creating our own puzzles now!!! #craftymom #diypuzzle #boredkidsarecreativekids
  • Our amazingly sweet @canes season ticket rep surprised us with a meet and greet after tonight’s game!! 😱 We got to meet one of Zach’s and my favorites, @brock_mcginn (Zach chose Brock’s #23 for his league jersey). We were both amazed by a dive slide he took during playoffs last year to save a puck from going in the goal, and we got to tell him how Ryan “pulled a McGinn” and saved a goal the same way at his game this morning! 🤣 Brock was so humble, apologizing that they didn’t win today, but was glad to hear both boys won their games! A night the boys will definitely remember! #hockeymom #letsgocanes
  • It’s been an amazing, busy, crafty, fun, sleepy-puppy kind of year! 🤣🎉#bestnine2019 #zooandroo
  • BEST hot chocolate!!! Secret ingredients? Leftover whole milk from a Christmas recipe and peppermint vodka! 😍🍫🥛🥃 Cheers!!! #boozyhotchocolate #spikedhotchocolate #christmascheer #peppermintvodka
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