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Friend-Chip DIY Valentine


friendchip valentine DIY free printableI have always loved giving handmade anything, and valentines are no exception. Check out these pencil valentines or golden snitch valentines. Over the years, I’ve had less time to create 15-20 handmade valentines per child, so if I can throw a cute label on something, I’m in! This creation is also a non-candy option, though using Pringles chips, I’m not sure we can call it anymore healthy, LOL!


Today’s project will take you through the simple steps of a print and cut using a Silhouette Cameo.



  • Sticker paper (I used Avery brand; just get anything that’s full sheet sticker paper)
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Cutting mat (I don’t use the Silhouette brand; just get some cheap ones on Amazon. They’re just as good!)
  • Pringles “grab & go” size cans (or if you’re really generous, you can stick these on full size Pringles cans!)


I have already created the design for you, so click here to download to your computer. It is already set with registration marks for the print & cut feature to work. Open Silhouette Studio, go to file > open and select the file you just downloaded, then choose file > print to print it (don’t forget to load your sticker paper first!). I chose to adjust my print settings to matte photo paper, but you can choose what you think works best for your printer and paper combo.

Now put that printed sticker sheet on your cutting mat, aligning it in the top left so that your machine will be able to read the registration marks. Load it into your machine. Before you click send, be sure to check your cut settings and select your material. I used the sticker paper setting and it worked perfectly, creating a nice “kiss cut,” meaning it only cut through the sticker part of the paper, making it easy to peel off and leave the backing behind. You might want to do a test cut if you’re afraid of wasting supplies. Or if you’re a rebel like me, just go for it.

Now all that’s left is to apply your stickers to the tops of your Pringles cans and fill in the to and from fields. Try not to eat the chips while you work on this project. Or, just buy yourself an extra can!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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