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After watching Ben Clanton’s amazing live video where he talked and doodled with the kids, my two boys are obsessed with creating Miximals!

I have made it easier for us (and you) to play a new game with us. Simply right click on the image below and save to your computer. It has most every animal you can think of. You can always hand write any that I might have missed!

Print it out, then cut out each animal name around the lines and put them in a bowl. Gather the rest of your supplies: paper and pencil (you might want crayons, colored pencils or markers to add color).

How To Play

  • Pick 2 or more animals from the bowl
  • Write down those animal names on your paper
  • Combine different characteristics of each animal to make an entirely new animal! Draw this new animal.
  • Write about your new animal: where does it live? What does it like to eat? Does it have any hobbies?
  • Share your creation (with your parents’ permission) on Instagram with #miximals

Here are some examples from my boys and I…

We combined frog, rat, bat and otter and each came up with our own unique creatures.

miximals otter bat rat frog

Here we drew out monkey, bird and mouse.

miximals monkey bird mouse

We pretty much did this game nonstop for hours! LOL! Then when mommy needed a break, the kids kept going, with more detailed drawings of their favorite creatures.

This creature is part lion, dinosaur and spider: the Dioner! He lives “back in time,” eats any type of meat, and spends most of his time trying to scratch his nose.

miximals lion dinosaur spider

This amazing creature my ten year old created is a Squoken. It’s part cow, squid and rattle snake. It lives in the ocean, likes to eat donuts and makes music with its rattle tentacles.

miximals cow squid rattle snake

After he drew it, that wasn’t enough. We then got out the Model Magic (air dry clay) and he made a 3D Squoken! I’m pretty sure we’ll have a whole army of new creatures before we’re done.

3D miximals from clay, cow, squid, rattlesnake

Have fun creating your own Miximals!