• We made chalk paint today with just cornstarch, water and food coloring! 🙌🏻 #itsgoingtobeok #coronavirusquote #artoftheday #chalkyourwalk #diychalkpaint #inspiringquotes #artwithkids #letsgetmessy #artkeepsmesane #arttherapy
  • So how are you doing after two weeks of social distancing? Have you finished Netflix yet? I haven’t really had any time to watch TV. I’ve been too busy keeping the kids busy! 🤣 You may have noticed, we’ve been making a lot of art projects. When the kids are getting along, I’m honestly loving it! 🎨❤️ But they are brothers and you know someone ultimately looks at someone the wrong way, or touches the others’ foot and all hell breaks loose. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I am exhausted every night. More than usual! I thankfully am well-stocked in my tequila, vodka and rosé! 🙌🏻 I did, however, squeeze in some time to make some new wine tumblers! 🤣 #practicingsocialdistancing #becausequarantine #zooandroo #stainlesswinetumbler #winetime #its5oclocksomewhere #whyteachersdrink #momtime #ineedadrink
  • Our neighborhood has been doing window walks, where the kids can look for something in everyone’s window. We did shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, we just had a bear hunt, and tomorrow is encouraging words. So this was the perfect opportunity to follow @mrsmountzart word art tutorial! Ryan said it was his favorite art project so far (and we’ve done a lot!). Check out his super fancy letters in “be happy!” These are going to look great in our windows! #wordart #encouragingwords #starscantshinewithoutdarkness #behappy #smile #windowwalk #watercolorart
  • Today’s art project: making postcards to send to their friends. ❤️ #kidsart #happymail #learningwatercolor
  • Zach and Ryan’s paintings today from their online class with McHarper Manor ❤️🐳🐠🦈 Zach says his whales are bubble feeding. #madewithmcharper #kidsart #underwaterpainting
  • Art is therapy. I will be making more art every day for the foreseeable future! The boys have become rather obsessed with @benclantoon and his amazing style. In one of the videos we watched, he shared his sketchbook, which was full of these amazing watercolor collages. That is what inspired this. I sketched it yesterday (I even included Zach’s new favorite creature, the Squoken! Can you find him?! 🤣) and watercolored it today. I need to work on my technique. Watercolor is not something I have much experience with, but I really love it! #arttherapy #watercolorillustration #watercolorbeginner #underthesea #narwhalandjelly
  • New level of boredom: watching your dog sleep. What do you think he’s dreaming about? Chasing squirrels? Remy loves squirrels! #sleepingdog #rescuepup #labsofinstagram #chasingsquirrels #covidboredom
  • After watching @benclantoon and drawing with him this week, the boys are obsessed with making Miximals! So I printed up a list of animals and their favorite new game was born! Zach even made his favorite, the Squoken, out of clay, after watching an online art class. He’s now going to work on a book! I just love when something sparks their creative juices. Thank you, Ben, for your inspiration during this challenging stay-at-home time. Visit my blog at zooandroo.com to print out the animal list and get playing with your kids! #miximals #keepingkidsbusy #artwithkids #artandreading #madewithmcharper #miximal
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