• Thank you, David Ayres! We believe in miracles! 🏒 First time I think the crowd was so loud we couldn’t hear the siren! 🙌🏻 #letsgocanes @canes #miracleonice
  • I don’t normally do t-shirts, but this was a fun project! Can’t wait to see pictures of these dance moms with their “wild” little dancers! 😍🐆🐅🦒🦓 #dancemomsgonewild #customshirts #zooandroo #glitter
  • Reunited with my boys! If it wasn’t for them, I may have never been able to leave paradise! 🏝 We all love our new tattoo souvenirs! 😍 Maybe I should get a real one?! 🤔 What should it be? #tattoostellastory #canigoback #boraborawithdrawals
  • Had to say bye bye, Bora Bora. 😩 Now in Tahiti until our flight to LA at midnight. This espresso martini should do the trick. #borabora #tahiti #espressomartini
  • Another year around the sun and I reflect on my journey of the past two years. I was not happy in my own skin. It was the photos from my 40th birthday that drove my desire for change. That can’t be me, I thought. How did I let myself get here? But I’d tried before and failed. Many times. How would this be different? I sought help for what to do and found Jennifer @think_holistic_fitness who I trusted to put me on the right path. Working out the right way, engaging muscles I didn’t even know I had, eating the right foods in the right combinations and having the support of many other women like me, I was finally on the path to success! It hasn’t been easy (nothing worth having ever is, right?), but I’m 56 pounds smaller, with so much more lean muscle, and I’m happier and more confident in my body! And when you’re happy, it’s easier to spread happiness to the world. So happy birthday to me. I want to thank myself for the best gift ever and for putting me first. #heresto42 #putyourselffirst #birthdaysunrise #spreadhappiness
  • I never met a sunset I didn’t like. #cheers #sunsetinparadise #borabora #lagoonbyjeangeorges
  • Took a Jeep tour to explore the main island. Gorgeous views! And some really cool remnants from WWII. #borabora #wwiilookout
  • Started the day with a private boat tour on a beautiful outrigger with an amazing guide named Manu. He took us all around the Island and I even swam with sharks! 😱🦈 Also sting rays and lots of beautiful fish. Ended the day feeling like royalty! ❤️ #borabora @stregisborabora #swimwithsharks
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